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A Short History of AskOnline

AskOnline’s online tutoring platform was designed and developed by founder Mac Dougherty while he was a student at Harvard University.  The platform enabled Harvard College undergraduates to tutor middle and high school students in the Boston Public School system. This tutoring program was endorsed by the Boston Public Library, and in 2002 won Harvard College’s Social Entrepreneurship Business Plan prize.

Upon Mr. Dougherty’s graduation from Harvard, AskOnline’s reach was extended to provide online tutoring platforms for colleges and universities in North America.  Our clients include dozens of diverse institutions such as Columbia University, Tuskegee University, The Houston Community College System, and campuses of the California State University System.

AskOnline’s tutoring platforms have been installed in over 125 institutions.  Installations range in size supporting from 50 to over 70,000 users. Each site is customized to include school logos and links to campus data bases and systems.  More importantly, the tool set implemented for individual sites is tuned to the specific needs of each campus.